Triad power transformers are offered in a wide selection of plug-in types to meet the needs of PC board and solid state power supply designs. These transformers can satisfy power as well as control and instrumentation applications. The transformers are available in single or dual primary and dual center tapped secondary configurations.
Unit of Measure

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Electrical Rating

N/A 1 1/2 V·A

Secondary Voltage in Series

N/A 54.0 V CT at 0.028 A

Transformer Contact Type

N/A Center Tap

Secondary Voltage in Parallel

N/A 27.0 V at 0.056 A

Height (H)

N/A 1 3/16 in

Depth (D)

N/A 1 5/32 in

Length (L)

N/A 1 25/64 in

Dimension (A)

N/A 5/16 in

Dimension (B)

N/A 1 in

Primary Voltage

N/A 115 V

Primary Frequency

N/A 50 Hz60 Hz


N/A 3.5 oz

Technical Notes

  1. Hi-pot tested at 1,500 VRMS.