Triad high current rod core inductors provide cost effective energy storage. By conditioning the output signal, the inductor smoothes out the current waveform to provide a more stable current. These low cost inductors are designed to be compatible with automated P.C.B. installation.
Unit of Measure

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Color Code

N/A Yellow Dot

DC Rated Inductance

N/A 3.05 µH

Max. Current

N/A 9.70 A

DC Resistance

N/A 7.30 mOhm

Lead Diameter

N/A 0.045 in

Operating Frequency

N/A 20 to 200 kHz


N/A 0.030 lb

Technical Notes


  1. Rated current 40 ºC temperature rise.
  2. Inductance Tolerance +/-15%


N/A A FIRCH-KIT is available which includes one of each of the above listed components.