The AEU65-120 is a single output power supply. This power supply is designed for a wide variety applications where high reliability is desired, including applications for the industrial and telecommunications markets. Excellent performance specifications are provided, together with compliance to European EMC (EN55022, Class B and EN61000-3-2), and Low Voltage directive (TUV EN60950).

Single Output AC/DC Power Supply.
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Input Characteristics (at 25 ºC)

Alternating Current (AC) Input Voltage

N/A 90 to 264 V

Direct Current (DC) Input Voltage

N/A 127 to 373 V

Input Frequency Range

N/A 47 to 63 Hz

Input Current at 115 VAC

N/A 1.6 A

Input Current at Typical 230 VAC

N/A 0.8 A

Maximum Inrush Current at 115 VAC for Cold Start

N/A 30 A

Maximum Inrush Current at 230 VAC for Cold Start

N/A 60 A

Leakage Current at 240 VAC

N/A < 2.4 mA

Output Characteristics (at 25 ºC)

Direct Current (DC) Output Voltage

N/A 12 V

Direct Current (DC) Voltage Tolerance

N/A ±1.5 %

Output Current (Convection)

N/A 0 to 5.42 A

Output Power (Convection)

N/A 65 W
Adjustable Output Voltage Range1 N/A 11.4 to 12.6 V
Ripple and Noise Voltage at Peak to Peak2 N/A 120 mV

Load Regulation

N/A ±0.5 %

Line Regulation

N/A ±0.5 %


N/A 87.0 %

Start-Up Time at 230 VAC for Full Load

N/A 1000 ms

Start-Up Time at 115 VAC for Full Load

N/A 2000 ms

Rise-Up Time at 230 VAC for Full Load

N/A 30 ms

Rise-Up Time at 115 VAC for Full Load

N/A 30 ms

Hold-Up Time at 230 VAC for Full Load

N/A 24 ms

Hold-Up Time at 115 VAC for Full Load

N/A 12 ms
Overcurrent Protection3 N/A 110 to 160 %

Direct Current (DC) Over Voltage Protection

N/A 13.8 to 16.2 V

Output Type

N/A Constant Voltage

General Specifications (at 25 ºC)


N/A 99 mm3.9 in


N/A 75 mm3.00 in


N/A 35.0 mm1.38 in


N/A 200 g


N/A Natural Convection

Isolation Resistance at 500 VDC (Input (I/P) - Output (O/P))

N/A 100 MO

Isolation Resistance at 500 VDC (Input (I/P) - Floating Gate (FG))

N/A 100 MO

Isolation Resistance at 500 VDC (Output (O/P) - Floating Gate (FG))

N/A 100 MO

Alternating Current (AC) Dielectric Strength (Input (I/P) - Output (O/P))

N/A 3 kV

Alternating Current (AC) Dielectric Strength (Input (I/P) - Floating Gate (FG))

N/A 1.5 kV

Alternating Current (AC) Dielectric Strength (Output (O/P) to Floating Gate (FG))

N/A 0.5 kV


N/A 3 years

Minimum Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) per MIL-HDBK-217F (25 ºC)

N/A 250 Khr

Environmental Specifications (at 25 ºC)

Operating Temperature at Full Load4 N/A -20 to 50 ºC

Non-Condensing Relative Operating Humidity

N/A 20 to 90 %

Storage Temperature

N/A -40 to 85 ºC

Non-Condensing Relative Storage Humidity

N/A 10 to 95 %

Temperature Drift (0 to 50 ºC)

N/A < 0.03 %/ºC


N/A 10 to 500 Hz, 2G 10 min/cycle, period of 60 min, each X, Y & Z axis

EMC and Safety Specifications (at 25 ºC)

EMI Emissions

N/A Compliance to EN55022, CISPR22 Class B (Conducted & Radiated)

Harmonic Current

N/A Compliance to EN61000-3-2, 3

EMS Immunity

N/A Compliance to EN61000-4-2, 3-6, 8 & 11; EN55024 heavy, light industry level, criteria A

Safety Approval

N/A TUV EN60950-1 (Insulation Class -1) UL 60950-1

Note for EMC and Safety Specifications at 25 ºC

N/A The power supply is considered a component which will be installed into a final equipment. The final equipment must be re-confirmed that it still meets EMC directives.


RoHS Compliance

N/A As of manufacturing date February 2005, all standard products meet the requirements of 2011/65/EU, known as the RoHS initiative.

Industry Standards




  1. All I/O connection shall Follow specified Model Label.
  2. Maximum Temperature at Full Load 50ºC
  • 1 Output voltage can be adjusted at VR51.
  • 2 Ripple and noise are measured at 20 MHz of bandwidth by using a 12 Inch (in) twisted-pair wire termination with a 0.1 µF and 47 µF parallel capacitors.
  • 3 Hiccup mode. Resets automatically once the fault condition is removed.
  • 4 Refer to output load derating curve