Highly dependable Triad common mode EMI suppression inductors are used in various types of power supplies to eliminate noise common to all lines. These units also provide effective differential mode filtering. Designed to meet most regulatory requirements, they minimize AC line transmitted interference often created by high frequency switching power supplies. Normally placed close to the input source, these compact inductors are constructed with UL rated 130 ºC materials.
Unit of Measure

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Min. Inductance

N/A 4.00 mH

RMS Current

N/A 5.20 A

Max. DC Resistance

N/A 0.040 Ohm

Min. Leakage

N/A 45.0 µH

Dimension (H)

N/A 1.50 in

Dimension (W)

N/A 0.800 in

Dimension (L)

N/A 1.45 in

Dimension (A)

N/A 0.900 in

Dimension (B)

N/A 0.6 in


N/A 0.08 lb

Industry Standards


Technical Notes


  1. Hi-pot tested at 2500 VRMS.
  2. DC resistance at 20 ºC ±10%.
  3. Inductances are minimum measured at 10 Gauss.
  4. Current rating for approximately 40 ºC temperature rise.


N/A A CMT908-KIT is available which includes one of each of the above listed components.

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