Triad gate drive transformers are used universally in all high frequency switching topologies to isolate the control circuitry from the line-connected switches. The windings are interleaved for the lowest possible practical leakage inductance. Turn ratios of 1:1 and 1:1.5 optimize coupling and enhance performance. Available with single or dual secondaries, these transformers constructed of UL rated 130 ºC materials are easily standardized at operating frequencies 200 kHz and beyond.
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Max. DCR 1-2

N/A 0.350 Ohm

Max. DCR Gate

N/A 01.75 Ohm

Min. ET Product

N/A 540 VµSEC

Max. Leakage

N/A 3.5 µH

Min. Inductance

N/A 0.680 mH

Turns Ratio

N/A 1:1.5:1.5

Dimension (H)

N/A 1.20 in

Dimension (W)

N/A 1.04 in

Dimension (L)

N/A 1.10 in

Dimension (A)

N/A 0.150 in

Dimension (B)

N/A 0.700 in

Dimension (C)

N/A 0.600 in

Dimension (D)

N/A 0.450 in

Dimension (E)

N/A 0.850 in

Operating Frequency

N/A 200 kHz and beyond kHz


N/A 0.045 oz

Industry Standards


Technical Notes


  1. Plug-in terminals are precision spaced to provide fixed mounting centers.
  2. Red Spec transformers are hi-pot tested at 1,000 VRMS.
  3. 150 VDC working voltage.
  4. Red Spec transformers feature small footprint base dimensions of 0.310 by 0.410 inch.
  5. Pin diameter = 0.020 inch.


N/A A GDE25 KIT is available which includes one of each of the above listed components.