Triad's CST25 series of current sense transformers are ideal for monitoring currents in high frequency applications such as switch-mode power supplies, LED lighting, etc. The CST25 series is offered with a built-in sense winding allowing for ease of use. These current sense transformers are fully encapsulated allowing for a high isolation of 4000 VAC between primary and secondary windings.
Unit of Measure

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Sec (mH Min)

N/A 470 mH

Sec (MAX)

N/A 16.0 Ohm


N/A 1:500

Pri Current
Amps Max

N/A 25 A

ET Max

N/A 1750 VµSEC

Built-in Primary

N/A Yes

Operating Frequency

N/A 50 to 500 kHz

Technical Notes

Technical Notes

  1. Rated Voltage: 300 VAC
  2. Rated Inductance (LR): Measured at 10 kHz, 0.01 V, 20ºC
  3. Inductance Range: Available from 4.7 mH to 1900 mH
  4. Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +125ºC
  5. Rated current to cause approximately 40ºC temperature rise.