• Mil-T-27E Red Spec Printed Circuit Audio Transformers

    Triad high reliability audio transformers provide the durability and precision required in today's demanding designs. These transformers are available for a wide variety of applications. The line of Red Spec audio transformers is designed and constructed to meet the rigid requirements of MIL-T-27E. These transformers feature an epoxy molded case, gold plated leads and exceptional operation from 300 Hz to 100 kHz.

  • PC Mount - Plug-In Printed Circuit Audio Transformers

    Triad produces a wide assortment of audio transformers for use in printed circuit designs. These transformers fill a broad application spectrum in the audio industry. Triad audio printed circuit transformers are used in line matching, telephone coupling, pulse trigger, interstage, output, isolation and input applications.

  • Data/Voice Coupling Transformers

    Triad telecommunications transformers are designed to meet the requirements for access over leased private lines or through the dial-up switched telephone network. The TY series transformers are used for a variety of applications including impedance matching, isolation, repeat coil, line balancing, bridging, and hybrid circuits.

    Designed to meet FCC Part 68.

  • A-11J

    The flexibility of Triad J Series transformers permits amplifiers to exceed broadcast standards. Although economy in construction places them in a lower price class, these units approach and closely approximate the performance characteristics of more costly hermetically sealed units.