Triad telecommunications transformers are designed to meet the requirements for access over leased private lines or through the dial-up switched telephone network. The TY series transformers are used for a variety of applications including impedance matching, isolation, repeat coil, line balancing, bridging, and hybrid circuits.

Designed to meet FCC Part 68.
Unit of Measure


Min. Longitudinal Balance1 N/A 45 dB60 dB
Longitudinal Balance Frequency2 N/A 1000 to 4000 Hz at 45 dB 200 to 1000 Hz at 60 dB

Dielectric Strength (FCC 68.304)

N/A 1500 V

Power Level

N/A 5 mW

Frequency Range (Data/Voice)

N/A 300 to 3500 Hz

Frequency Range (Data)

N/A 800 to 3500 Hz

Primary Impedance

N/A 600 Ohm

Secondary Impedance

N/A 600 Ohm

Typical Insertion Loss

N/A 0.80 dB

Typical Return Loss

N/A 30 dB

Trans-Hybrid Loss

N/A 50 dB


Schematic 9

Industry Standards

N/A FCC 68.304 for Dielectric Strength FCC 68.310 for Longitudinal Balance


N/A Bridging Circuits Hybrid Circuits Impedance Matching Isolation Line Balancing Repeat Coil

Technical Notes


  1. Primary connections shown on left side of schematics.

  • 1 FCC 68.310
  • 2 FCC 68.310
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